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ARCUS AT-100 Thermal Wire Stripper
Product Application

        ARCUS AT-100 thermal knife using traditional tools and the structure design of the heating together is the perfect combination of cutting and temperature,eager to solve the thermal stripping,hot shovel operations such as technical difficult problems can effectively stripped of high and low temperature materials (such as PVC,NYLON, POLYETHYLENE (PE), PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), TEFZEL,TEFLONT, SILICONE, RUBBER (silicone rubber), etc.).Widely used in military electronics, research institutes, transformer manufacturers, wire processing,such as potting and coating shall be eagerly, strip, hot shovel, thermal field.

Product Introduction

        ARCUS AT-100 thermal knife with scientific design, precision machining, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance and lightweight, the entire operating handle including attachment and joint weight not more than 50 g, convenient for manual operation.Head with built-in heating wire principle, can achieve a temperature range of 130-780 ℃ adjustable multi-file function, heating up fast, even heating, improve work efficiency. Cutting head adopts special alloy steel materia l, high temperature resistance,anti-oxidation, wear resistance and other characteristics, greatly extend the life of the cutting head.

        ARCUS AT-100 wire thermal knife like a knife blade,wire suitable for thermal cutting of different insulation materials, no damage, no burning,

no adhesions wire itself.



Product features


The AT-100 Power Supply
The ARCUS AT-100 is used with the compact AT-100 Power Supply,
  which features an on-off switch, "HI" and "LO" jacks, a temperature
  control, and a unique holder for the hand unit.
Placing the ARCUS AT-100 in the holder activates a switch that sets the
  Temperature control to an idle mode. When the stripper is removed from
  the holder, the original setting.

The AT-100 handle
Three different models of the ARCUS AT-100 are available to satisfy
  most stripping requirements. For precise insulation removal Models
  AT-100A and AT-100B have stripping holes to yield a clean, even strip
  free of insulation "tails" and to prevent mashing of the conductor strands.
  Model AT-100C is designed for use on cable jackets and larger diameter
The filament is resistant to oxidation.
The stripping head will not distort nor lose alignment as is the case  with
  ordinary hot wire strippers.
Since the filaments are enclosed,a greater portion of the heat generated is
  retained to do useful work.Consequently the power supply can be much
  smaller than usual, and the current consumption is drastically reduced. The
  AT-100 power supply consumes a mere 45 watts at the highest
  temperature setting.
Wire holes can be ground into the stripping head without damage to the
  filaments.With wire holes,the rotation of the stripper required to accomplish
  finer gauges,is completely eliminated.
Because the filaments are an integral part of the stripper body,no
  maintenance is required.
Technical Data





WARRANTY:90 Days against defects in materials and workmanship


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